Friday, September 25, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

I was looking through some old sets of mine, when I felt the need to be inspired for a Halloween costume. I found:
This is a set that was inspired by a picture I had seen. I also thought the coat was wonderful, too. It's either this or something you'd wear to a masquerade ball. With my Chanel gloves (:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Favorite Shoes

Part 1
Everyone has some type of favorite shoes in their closets. Old or new. Vintage or modern.
Just to name a few, (two to be exact) I had been wanting these shoes since forever.
First Pick:
Leather sandals by B.Z. Moda.


They're comfortable, not to mention unique. I love them so much.
I'd wear them like this:

Like it?

In this picture:

-B.Z. Moda leather sandals, about $80

-Floral top, Forever21, about $20

- Pale pink faux leather clutch, flea market, $3

Second Pick:

Tuxxedo by Steve Madden flats
What can I say about these? They are super stylish, and will instantly add flair to any outfit.
(I don't have a pic, BUT) I'd wear these with high waisted floral skirts. I'll usually recieve compliments on these, which doesn't hurt, right?

SO, which are YOUR favorites?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sept. 22,2009

Hey folks. Just checking in. I am so excited. As an early birthday present, my sister gave me these lace Chanel gloves. They're a treat. I'm thinking about wearing them for Halloween. Or just on days when I'm feeling very Madonna. Yesterday, I got the boyfriend blazer I'd been waiting for since July. I'd show a picture, but my camera decided it was a good day to hide somewhere.
Bye, dolls. Be good while I'm gone.
Chanel lace gloves, $800


First blog post!

Intro: I'm a chick crazy mad for fashion, even though I won't go all hardcore fashionista. Style for me is simple, it describes you and it's something you should never hold back on. I spend on what I love most, like menswear-inspired pieces. (Like these shoes, that I got just today.) I'm 14, and believe life is too short to wear what everyone is wearing, like those hideous Classified sandals at school. Come on people, give it a rest.