Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Favorite Shoes

Part 1
Everyone has some type of favorite shoes in their closets. Old or new. Vintage or modern.
Just to name a few, (two to be exact) I had been wanting these shoes since forever.
First Pick:
Leather sandals by B.Z. Moda.


They're comfortable, not to mention unique. I love them so much.
I'd wear them like this:

Like it?

In this picture:

-B.Z. Moda leather sandals, about $80

-Floral top, Forever21, about $20

- Pale pink faux leather clutch, flea market, $3

Second Pick:

Tuxxedo by Steve Madden flats
What can I say about these? They are super stylish, and will instantly add flair to any outfit.
(I don't have a pic, BUT) I'd wear these with high waisted floral skirts. I'll usually recieve compliments on these, which doesn't hurt, right?

SO, which are YOUR favorites?

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